What a person stoned looks like

Buzzed, high, stoned or baked: what's the difference?

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Participants are required to inhale marijuana vapour, then complete a set of tasks in an MRI scanner. It feels like trying to drink a tinny discreetly in public and use an aeroplane sick bag at the same time. Getting high is known as a very chill activity, but being instructed to inhale into a bag, and within a strict nine minute window, is actually not very chill at all.

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To make things easier, the researchers play relaxing spa music and someone gives me a nice lemon and honey drink to help with the throat pains. My blood is then taken for the second time.

How to Tell if Someone is High: Doctor’s Advice on Spotting Key Signs

I put it down to stoned-me paranoia and soon enough though, I am lying on the bed, waiting to enter the machine. A breathing monitor is applied to my chest and my head is locked into place with some sort of helmet that stops me from moving around. After a few minutes in the scanner, and getting over the initial shock of being in a tightly enclosed space, I manage to relax into things.

It feels like being in an immersive art installation or a full-body, Oculus Rift-style remake of that bit in A Clockwork Orange where they make the man watch a horrible correctional film — except without the ultraviolence! Getting stoned in a non-medical setting is usually a way to make mundane aspects of your life seem a bit more fun and interesting.

The WeedTubers: these people make a living getting stoned on YouTube

Here, between the machines and the breathing monitors, it feels like an episode of The X Files. A good stone, however, will feel like everything is going in slow-mo. Most individuals agree that a high morphs into a stone following peak intoxication. Although still under the psychoactive effects of cannabis, stoned individuals may feel extremely lethargic and hungry, with a deep sense of physical relaxation. Different consumption methods also influence the difference between being high vs stoned.

Edibles, on the other hand, take much longer to kick-in; but when they do, a thorough, long-lasting stone will come upon the consumer. Given that sativas are associated with mental stimulation, physical energy, and even anxiety, they are known more to induce a high.

Signs that you might be high

But if you smoke a lot of any strain, including a sativa, this high will eventually turn into a drowsy body stone. But if you want to get those physical effects immediately, a pure indica may be the way to go. These have long been considered the strains with the most medicinal capacity, long before CBD was in the spotlight. Well, this is really a question you must answer for yourself.

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Head highs and body highs, each come with their own distinct energy, sensations, benefits, and setbacks. Ultimately, the choice comes down to preference, time of day, and physiological condition. If you are curious about the different types of effects, you should try a sativa-dominant and an indica-dominant strain and record your experience on paper.

All you need to do is try some different varieties until you find that high vs stoned sweet spot.

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Signs that you might be high

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What Getting High Looks Like

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