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Read more local news from Fountain Valley. Find out what's happening in Fountain Valley with free, real-time updates from Patch. You're now signed up for local updates. You may apply for this exemption if you do not already have it for any other property or parcel of land.

After February 15 but before December 10 , qualified applicants may receive 80 percent of the original exemption amount.

Property Tax

If you cease to own and occupy your property as the principal place of your residence, you are required by local government regulations to cancel your exemption. This requires writing to the Orange County assessor of property tax or using the termination form included in your Orange County property tax bill. Specify the date you moved or stopped owning the property and list your new address.

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New homeowners will receive an application within 90 days of recording the deed sale. Homeowners should complete the form and promptly mail it back. The exemption does not need to be reapplied every year.

As long as you own and occupy the residence, the exemption is applied automatically. The only time you may be required to reapply is if a document is filed which changes how the title is held. There are several dates to remember as a property holder in California. Neglecting to pay your property taxes in a timely manner can have serious consequences, so make sure you are aware of these dates. August 31 is the deadline for unsecured taxes, with a 10 percent late fee added the next day.

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Initial installments of secured property taxes are due on November 1. If you do not pay on time, you will continue to receive 1.

After December 10, a late fee of 10 percent will apply to any payments on initial installments. This assessed value could change because of economic factors affecting fair market value. Factors include the health of the housing market, inflation rate, and interest rates. In general, your property size, age, construction type, and location of nearby school districts can also affect your Orange County property tax rate.

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The assessor can tell you whether an informal review or a formal review process would better suit your situation. In an informal or formal review, be sure to collect and present evidence showing that your assessed property tax value does not reflect your actual property value. A property tax appeal application is a form requesting a change in the assessed value given to your property by the assessor.

While the appeal only potentially changes the assessed value of a property, since the Orange County, CA, property tax rate remains the same, it can affect the taxes you are required to pay on the property. The property appraiser will assess the property, estimate its value, and list the value on the assessment roll. Be sure to contact the assessor about the circumstances of your original assessment before filing for an appeal.