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The clerk of superior court shall file and record plats and condominium plans relating to real estate in the county when submitted for filing as provided in this Code section and accompanied with any required filing fees or costs set forth in Official Code of Georgia Annotated Section For a list of recording fees for maps and plats, please click here.

Pursuant to authority granted the undersigned by O. This amount does not include the Law Library fee, which the Clerk of Court is required to collect pursuant to local act of the General Assembly and in accordance with the order of the Chief Judge of the Superior Court of Gwinnett County dated December 9, AA This new filing fee shall become effective as of April 1, After consideration of various models, the Committee agreed to a regional expansion approach which allows counties in the Metro Atlanta area to join.

This newly developed expansion continues the Business Court Committee vision that businesses throughout the state would have access to a specialized business court to consistently and efficiently resolve complex commercial litigation issues. Pursuant to the new statute controlling garnishments, O.

This applies in all courts.

In addition, the clerk requires a Certificate of Service with original signatures or other proof of service upon all defendants along with the application for funds. The application for funds is available on our website in the forms packets in both Magistrate Court and State Court. The service certificate is available as an individual document under garnishment forms.

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The revised Garnishment Code includes O. The list has been developed and is available at www.

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  • A copy of the list also has to be transmitted to each clerk of court who issues summonses of garnishment. In looking for ways to break down language barriers, the Gwinnett Judicial Circuit and Clerk of Court have added the Google Translate application to the Clerk of Court website. The Google Translate icon is located in the top right hand corner of every page. By clicking on the drop down list, litigants can select the appropriate language and Google Translate will convert the entire webpage into that language. The goal is to provide basic court information and foster a better understanding of the judicial process through language access before litigants get to court.

    However, the Gwinnett Judicial Circuit and Clerk of Court cannot guarantee the accuracy of the translations; therefore, litigants should still consult with an attorney for any legal advice and assistance. Effective December 15, , it is the standing order of the Gwinnett County Magistrate Court that a party filing a garnishment action who is not the original judgment creditor i.

    You may receive a telephone call or text message notifying you that you have missed jury duty and that you should immediately call the telephone number provided.

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    The text further directs the recipient to call the number to pay a fine. We would contact jurors via telephone but, when we do, the respective staff member will identify themselves. Our automatic telephonic messaging system provides notices to jurors concerning status of cases and appearances.


    If you are asked to call the office, the telephone number provided will be the main Gwinnett County switchboard number A Parent Seminar is a four-hour educational seminar required of specific domestic actions involving a child or children under 18 years of age where the parties are involved in a divorce, separate maintenance, paternity, change of custody, visitation, legitimation, and any other domestic action, excluding contempt, and generally, domestic violence.

    The program shall be successfully completed within 31 days of service of the original complaint upon the original defendant. Appropriate action, including but not limited to contempt, may be taken upon a party's failure to successfully complete the workshop.

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    Parties do not have to attend the seminar with their spouses or ex-spouses. Children are not allowed in the workshop. Pre-registration is required. Domestic Violence Under Georgia Law, "family violence" is the occurrence of any felony, battery, simple battery, simple assault, assault, stalking, criminal damage to property, unlawful restraint, or criminal trespass between past or present spouses, persons who are parents of the same child, parents and children, stepparents and stepchildren, foster parents and foster children, or other persons living or formerly living in the same household, and does not include reasonable discipline administered by a parent to a child in the form of corporal punishment, restraint, or detention.

    Pay your citation online at www.

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    More information is available at www. Subscribe via RSS. Subscribe via ATOM. Lake Mary, Florida.

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