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Al Mahamal Tower. Al Akhawain Building. Palestine Street. Khalidiya Building. Al Ahssa Street. Dammam Road. Ibrahim Shaker Building. Al Othman Building. Markaz Nimr, Building 1. Al Nimr Center. Al Calssum Building. Ibn Khuzaimah Street. King Abdulaziz Port. Hail Qassim Road. Al Oda Building. King Fahed Street. Al Kournish Street. Al Fakhry Building. Al Kharj Road. Mallaz Street. Jordan Halet Ammar Road. Pulmonary hypertension and vasculopathy in incontinentia pigmenti: a case report.

This paper investigates an interrelationship between burnt needle therapy and King Injo's disease. From Year 11 in King Injo's reign to May 5, Year 27 in King Injo's reign , right before his death, King Injo was treated with burnt needles by Yi Hyeongik, an acupuncturist when the king had health problems.

This study arises from two questions: why was King Injo often treated with burnt needles? Burnt needle therapy is a combined form of acupuncture and moxibustion. Yi Hyeongik was famous for eradicating pathogenic factors. He was appointed as a doctor in the Royal Hospital. The medical definition for pathogenic factors is that they are disease-causing factors.

Understanding the pathogenic factor for King Injo's disease could make it possible to find the interrelationship between burnt needles and the king 's disease. In the Joseon ear, the prevalent belief about diseases was that diseases could be caused by homeopathic magic. Some people thought homeopathic magic caused King Injo's disease. The actual reasons for King Injo's disease were the participation in the excessive rites of Queen Mother Inmok's funeral and the constant oppression from the Ching Dynasty after disgraceful defeat in the war. When King Injo started to be sick, homeopathic magic cases were found in the royal palace.

The king 's incurable disease was believed to have happened as a result of homeopathic magic. After he was installed, King Injo obeyed the Queen Mother and showed her every attention. Meanwhile, he treated Princess Jeongmyeong with respect, maximized the moral justification for the coup, and solidified the royal authority.

However, constant rebellions and treasons threatened King Injo. The king suspected that Queen Mother. In the Joseon era, the prevalent belief about diseases was that diseases could be caused by homeopathic magic. However, constant. Changing opinions about research by Saudi medical students. Methods: This is a cross-sectional study conducted among medical students in five Saudi universities.

This study was based on a survey undertaken in The survey consisted of five questions inquiring about the opinions and attitudes of medical students toward medical research. The same survey was carried out 8 years earlier in one of these universities King Abdulaziz University [KAU], and the results obtained during the two periods and were compared. Results: A convenient sample of students was selected from five Saudi universities. Ninety-five A total of On the other hand, a vast majority of medical students The percentage of students from KAU strongly agreeing to participate in research rose from Of all the students surveyed, Conclusion: Most students in five Saudi universities expressed enthusiasm for participating in a research project, but only a few of them had.

Full Text Available Background: Telepathology is increasingly being employed to support diagnostic consultation services. Prior publications have addressed technology aspects for telepathology, whereas this paper will address the clinical telepathology experience of King Med Diagnostics, the largest independent pathology medical laboratory in China.

Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective study that summarizes the telepathology experience and diagnostic consultation results between UPMC and King Med over a period of 3 years from January to December Results: A total of cases were submitted for telepathology consultation including cases in , cases in , and in Most of the cases Hematopathology received the most cases Average turnaround time TAT per case was 5.

Immunostains were required for most of the cases. For some difficult cases, more than one round of immunostains was needed, which extended the TAT. Among cases Conclusion: These results indicate that international telepathology consultation can significantly improve patient care by facilitating access to pathology expertise. The success of this international digital consultation service was dependent on strong commitment and support from leadership, information technology expertise, and.

Viking stranger kings. In a broader erspective, the stranger king concept and the special Impacts of extreme heat on emergency medical service calls in King County, Washington, relative risk and time series analyses of basic and advanced life support. Exposure to excessive heat kills more people than any other weather-related phenomenon, aggravates chronic diseases, and causes direct heat illness. Strong associations between extreme heat and health have been identified through increased mortality and hospitalizations and there is growing evidence demonstrating increased emergency department visits and demand for emergency medical services EMS.

The purpose of this study is to build on an existing regional assessment of mortality and hospitalizations by analyzing EMS demand associated with extreme heat, using calls as a health metric, in King County, Washington WA , for a 6-year period. Relative-risk and time series analyses were used to characterize the association between heat and EMS calls for May 1 through September 30 of each year for Two EMS categories, basic life support BLS and advanced life support ALS , were analyzed for the effects of heat on health outcomes and transportation volume, stratified by age.

Extreme heat was model-derived as the 95th Time series analyses found a 6. Increases in "no" and "any" transportation were found in both relative risk and time series analyses. Analysis by age category identified significant results for all age groups, with the and year old age groups showing some of the highest and most frequent increases across health conditions.

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Multiple specific health conditions were associated with increased risk of an EMS call including abdominal. Is Content Really King? Medical educators and patients are turning to YouTube to teach and learn about medical conditions. As a result, studies that have analyzed the educational content of YouTube have reported dismal results.

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These studies have been unable to exclude videos created by questionable sources and for non-educational purposes. We hypothesize that medical education YouTube videos, authored by credible sources, are of high educational value and appropriately suited to educate the public. Credible videos about cardiovascular diseases were identified using the Mayo Clinic's Center for Social Media Health network. User engagement measurements were obtained for each video. A total of videos 35 hours were analyzed.

Half of all videos contained 3 educational factors: treatment, screening, or prevention. SAM scores were higher in videos whose content discussed more educational factors pYouTube. Kings Today, Rich Tomorrow. This study investigates the King vs. When undertaking IPO, founders face two options. They can either get rich, but then run the risk of losing the control over their firms; or they can remain kings by introducing defensive mechanisms, but this is likel God our king. It does The King and I. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the first Coretta Scott King Book Award, which encourages "the artistic expression of the black experience via literature and the graphic arts.

No doubt, past King award winners like Sharon Flake,…. Theory: Academic mentoring is an effective method of enhancing undergraduate medical student academic performance, research productivity, career planning, and overall satisfaction. Hypotheses: This study investigates the relationship between mentor characteristics and mentee academic performance, with an emphasis on identifying students who need special support.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among fourth-year medical students at King Abdulaziz University Faculty of Medicine undertaking the clinical skills module CSM rotation. Mentors included senior and junior faculty members from the Department of Internal Medicine and the Department of Family Medicine. King Abdulaziz University Faculty of Medicine assigned 1 mentor for every 10 medical students.

We organized our mentoring program in the following format: 1 an initial group meeting mentor with all 10 medical students and 2 subsequent one-on-one meetings mentor with each mentee alone. We assessed mentor characteristics, student academic performance and satisfaction, and the rate of mentees referred for special support.

Results: A total of students completed the CSM rotation. Participation in the mentoring program had no significant effect on student academic performance. Conclusions: This study demonstrated that academic mentoring can be effective in enhancing student outcomes and promoting special support for students.

Moreover, mentor and mentee motivation were found to be essential elements of a successful. Heart rate variability in patients with mitral stenosis: A study of 20 cases from King Abdulaziz Univ. Left atrial enlargement in mitral stenosis predisposes to atrial fibrillation AF. Analysis of heart rate variability HRV prior to the onset of an arrhythmia may show alterations in autonomic balance that are known to predispose to the development of AF.

The aim of this study was to determine whether HRV in patients with rheumatic mitral stenosis MS is abnormal in comparison to normal controls, and to find the relationship between the left atrial size and HRV in patients with MS in sinus rhythm in AF. A series of hour ambulatory Holter electrocardiogram recordings were obtained for 10 consecutive, newly diagnosed untreated subjects with pure mitral stenosis in sinus rhythm, 10 with mitral stenosis complicated by atrial fibrillation and 10 age-matched normal controls. Digitized records were processed using time domain and power spectral analysis.

The areas under all spectral bands were markedly increased in patients with AF compared with normal. HRV measures were independent of atrial size in both groups. Decreased HRV in mitral stenosis patients with sinus rhythm suggests increased sympathetic activity in patients prone to atrial fibrillation, while marked increased of HRV in patients with AF may indicate that parasympathetic activity modulates the intrinsic behavior of the atrioventricular node during atrial fibrillation. The present study sought to examine the attitudes of Saudi English as a foreign language EFL learners as well as teachers towards the integration of English movies in their classes as a tool to develop students' language skills.

Recently, public administration graduates are exposed to new set of challenges because of globalization, virtual world and using modern technology as a base of all today's dealings. It imposes PAD at faculty of economic and administration faculty to prepare its students to confront these changes in organizations in the community. Therefore, the…. Full Text Available Background. Safe disposal of medications is of high concern as malpractice may lead to harmful consequences such as undesirable effects, prescription drug abuse, overstocking, self- medication , accidental overdose, and even death.

There is a lack of uniform and nationwide guidance on how patients should safely dispose their leftover medications. This research is a cross-sectional study. Our findings suggest that there is an immediate requirement for the establishment of collaborative and uniform guidelines for the safe disposal of leftover medications. A policy for drug donation needs to be included in routine patient education as well as educational and collective programs for the public. King and Eye. King and Eye explores the visual formation of kingship in Siam in its multifarious aspects. This dissertation identifies the leitmotifs in the dynamics between seeing the king and being seen by him, which burst forth in different eras.

The visual sense has been a repository for the ontologization The images produced through the contraptions were brought together under the royal eye at the apex, which in turn claimed its supremacy over space, time, and the vast and diverse population Jesus are both king cf Eph , which means that God shares his kingship with the Of Gods and Kings.

This is not a new point but remains all too often underappreciated when discussing the blurring of lines between human and god as evidenced in the deification of kings. In ancient Mesopotamia, one of the oldest high civilizations in the world, it was a short-lived but nevertheless This paper explores historical backgrounds and contents of Treatise on Medicine written by King Sejo r.

The Treatise declared by King Sejo in has been considered as an important and unique manual of medicine because it was the exclusive example written by the king of Chosen. It was the King Sejo' s era when the medical milieu in both social and medical aspects was highly encouraged thanks to the previous achievements by King Sejong the Great r. King Sejo, in particular, who was much interested in practical learning called 'Miscellaneous Studies', emphasized on court medicine.

His writing can be understood in such historical frame. Another reason why he wrote the Treatise can be said that he felt necessary for establishing the medical ethic codes for inefficient court medicine-officials. In personal background, he tried to find available remedies since he had been suffered from some chronic diseases. The contents of the Treatise can be broadly fallen to the clinical and ethical aspects.

In the former one, the Treatise focuses on treatment without hesitation through the sharp and exact diagnosis by medical doctors. In the latter one, eight categories of medical doctors are discussed according to their moral degrees: sim'eui, sik'eui, yak'eui, hon'eui, kwang eui, mang'eui, sa'eui, and sal'eui. Finally, musim' ji-eui was supplemented. Among them, sal'eui, medicine-official lacking both medical ability and ethical attitude, was classified as the lowest degree; sim'eui, medicine-official sincerely making his all efforts for patients, was thought to be a paragon of medical morality.

In conclusion, the Treatise on Medicine by King Sejo played an important role as a manual for the principle of medical practice and for the instruction to enhance ethical attitude among medicine-officials. The impact of work-related stress on medication errors in Eastern Region Saudi Arabia. To examine the relationship between overall level and source-specific work-related stressors on medication errors rate.

A cross-sectional study examined the relationship between overall levels of stress, 25 source-specific work-related stressors and medication error rate based on documented incident reports in Saudi Arabia SA hospital, using secondary databases. Two hundred and sixty-nine healthcare professionals HCPs. Multiple logistic regression analysis identified source-specific work-related stress as significantly associated with HCPs who made at least one medication error per month P stress were two times more likely to make at least one medication error per month than non-stressed HCPs OR: 1.

This is the first study to use documented incident reports for medication errors rather than self-report to evaluate the level of stress-related medication errors in SA HCPs. Medical students' knowledge of ionizing radiation and radiation protection. To assess the knowledge of fourth-year medical students in ionizing radiation, and to study the effect of a 3-hour lecture in correcting their misconceptions. A cohort study was conducted on fourth-year medical students at King Abdul-Aziz University, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the academic year A 7-question multiple choice test-type questionnaire administered before, and after a 3-hour didactic lecture was used to assess their knowledge.

The data was collected from December to February It covered topics in ionizing radiation and radiation protection. The questionnaire was validated and analyzed by 6 content experts. The results indicated that the fourth-year medical students' knowledge regarding ionizing radiation and radiation protection is inadequate. Additional lectures in radiation protection significantly improved their knowledge of the topic, and correct their current misunderstanding. This study has shown that even with one dedicated lecture, students can learn, and absorb general principles regarding ionizing radiation.

Saudi Arabia

The last Viking King. Given the maternal inheritance of mtDNA, offspring will have the same mtDNA sequence as their mother with the exception To shed light on this problem, we have extracted and analysed mitochondrial DNA mtDNA from pulp of teeth from each of the two royals. When physics became king. As recently as two hundred years ago, physics as we know it today did not exist. Born in the early nineteenth century during the second scientific revolution, physics struggled at first to achieve legitimacy in the scientific community and culture at large.

In fact, the term "physicist" did not appear in English until the s. When Physics Became King traces the emergence of this revolutionary science, demonstrating how a discipline that barely existed in came to be regarded a century later as the ultimate key to unlocking nature's secrets. A cultural history designed to provid. Full Text Available Occupational radiation doses for medical workers from the departments of diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiotherapy at the university hospital of King Abdul-Aziz University KAU were measured and analysed.

A total of medical radiation workers were monitored to determine the status of their average annual effective dose. The doses were measured using thermo luminescence dosimeters TLD LiF:Mg,Ti placed over the lead apron at the chest level in all types of workers except for those in the cath lab, for whom the TLD was placed at the thyroid protective collar. For nuclear medicine, a hand dosimeter was used to measure the hand dose distribution. The annual average effective doses for diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiotherapy workers were found to be 0.

The results of the measured annual dose were well below the international recommended dose limit of 20 mSv. Keywords: Occupational radiation dose, radiation workers, TLD, radiation protection. The King Tapestries at Kronborg Castle. The tapestries were arranged chronologically, beginning with King Dan, the mythological founder of the king This is her researchers at work profile.

King , Prof. Sir David Anthony. Elected: Honorary. Sir David Anthony Sc.

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Date of birth: 12 August Email: mpst. Lion King Surveys Homeland. This image from the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity's panoramic camera shows one octant of a larger panoramic image which has not yet been fully processed. The full panorama, dubbed 'Lion King ' was obtained on sols 58 and 60 of the mission as the rover was perched at the lip of Eagle Crater, majestically looking down into its former home.

It is the largest panorama yet obtained by either rover. The octant, which faces directly into the crater, shows features as small as a few millimeters across in the field near the rover arm, to features a few meters across or larger on the horizon. The full panoramic image was taken in eight segments using six filters per segment, for a total of images and more than 75 megabytes of data.

This enhanced color composite was assembled from the infrared nanometer , green nanometer , and violet nanometer filters. Additional lower elevation tiers were added relative to other panoramas to ensure that the entire crater was covered in the mosaic. Secondly, the Biblical meanings of the metaphor are explored. Then, the use of the metaphor in contemporary God-talk is considered. Attitudes toward medical and genetic confidentiality in the Saudi research biobank: An exploratory survey.

Achieving a balance between giving access to information and respecting donors' confidentiality is a crucial issue for any biobank, with its large number of samples and associated information. Despite the existence of much empirical literature on confidentiality, there are too few surveys in the Middle East about the topic, particularly in the Saudi context. A survey was conducted of respondents at King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, among 5 groups of equal size, comprised of researchers, physicians, medical students, donors and laypersons, respectively.

The majority of participants agreed that confidentiality is an important issue and that it is well protected in the Saudi biobank. All 5 groups showed different attitudes toward disclosing information to various third parties. They were in favor of allowing treating physicians, and to a certain extent family members, to have access to medical and genetic results from research. No significant differences were found between views on medical and genetic confidentiality. The majority of respondents agreed that confidentiality might be breached in cases with specific justified reasons.

Even considering differences in religion, culture and other factors, the results of the study were consistent with those reported in the literature and research conducted in other countries. Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd. The prevalence and association of stress with sleep quality among medical students. Medical students tend to reduce their sleep, in an effort to adjust and cope with their workload and stressful environment. This study estimated the prevalence of and the relationship between poor sleep quality and stress among medical students. This cross-sectional study was conducted using a stratified random sample of male and female medical students in King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

A self-administered questionnaire was distributed to assess sleep quality using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, and the stress level by using the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale. A recommendation for the management of medical college is to establish academic counseling centers focusing in promoting good sleep hygiene and strengthening students' study skills and coping with their stressful environment. A valid treatment option for isolated congenital microgastria. Kingdom of Digestive system.

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In: Langman J, editor. Medical embryology. Congratulations to Carey King. I first came across Carey King when, out of the blue, he invited me to a special session of the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science the largest and most prestigious US scientific meeting where he was developing a special session on energy return on investment EROI. At that meeting and since, I have found Carey to be a refreshing new colleague, extremely intelligent, very knowledgeable about many diverse aspects of energy and other things, able to take criticism and to dish it out, and very ambitious, which is mostly a good thing.

This is important because in the US, there is little insight about energy or, especially, its potential physical limitations except when gas prices increase. There is also little awareness of the very strong historical connection in both the US and the world between increased affluence and increased use of energy, especially petroleum.

It is not understood by all that many of the economic problems we have now such as the budgetary problems faced by most of our State governments, pension plans and universities have substantial origin in the fact that oil and other energy production no longer increase reliably year after year, as they once did Murphy and Hall Many economists have argued in the past that energy is not important because it constituted only 5 per cent or so of GDP, or because they believe that market forces and innovations will substitute for any shortage e.

Barnett and Morse , Passell et al , Solow , Denison One problem with that view is that if you remove that five per cent the economy comes to a dead stop, as Cuba found out in when Russia removed its oil subsidy. Additionally if that five per cent goes up to 10 or 15 per cent, as it did in the early s, and again in , recession steps in Murphy and. General anesthesia was administered in an year-old man for removal of hardware from his right knee using a King Laryngeal Tube supraglottic airway.

An hour after extubation, he reported inability to swallow with no respiratory distress. Examination showed an edematous uvula, which took 3 days to subside with anti-inflammatory medication. During the positioning of the King Laryngeal Tube, it was pulled back to ensure adequate ventilation. The inflated cuff could have dragged the uvula and folded it on itself, leading to venous congestion and edema.

Factors influencing medical students' choice of emergency medicine as a career specialty-a descriptive study of Saudi medical students. Choosing a medical specialty is a poorly understood process. Although studies conducted around the world have attempted to identify the factors that affect medical students' choice of specialty, data is scarce on the factors that influence the choice of specialty of Saudi Arabian medical students, in particular those planning a career in emergency medicine EM.

In this study, we investigated whether Saudi medical students choosing EM are influenced by different factors to those choosing other specialties. A total of students answered the questionnaire, a response rate of EM group was most influenced by hospital orientation and lifestyle and least influenced by social orientation and prestige provided by their specialty. Unlike controllable lifestyle CL group and primary care PC group, EM reported lesser influence of social orientation on their career choice.

When compared with students primarily interested in the surgical subspecialties SS , EM group were less likely to report prestige as an important influence. Moreover, students interested in SS reported a leaser influence of medical lifestyle in comparison to EM group. When compared with CL group, EM group reported more interest in medical lifestyle.

We found that students primarily interested in EM had different values and career expectations to other specialty groups. The trends in specialty choice should be appraised to meet future needs. The need is due to the relative neglect nationally and internationally of the most common serious brain disorder with important physical, psychological, and social complications. The relative neglect is reflected in services, research, charitable donations, public profile, and stigma and in a serious lack of professional education.

The opportunity arose because of the existence in several medical institutions at Denmark Hill, London, of a group of medical and related colleagues with a special interest covering almost every aspect of this multidisciplinary disorder who agreed to combine their expertise in this initiative. The idea was born and developed in and was supported by all the parent institutions: The Maudsley and King 's College Hospitals, St. Further stimulus and help came from a group of dedicated supporters in private and public life.

There are three strands to this initiative: a a charity, The Fund for Epilepsy; b the clinical Centre for Epilepsy, which was formally opened at the Maudsley Hospital in July ; and c the academic Institute of Epileptology for research and teaching, which was launched on November 15, Views of Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr. Discusses views of Martin Luther King , Jr. Claims King 's views provide helpful insights for counselors and clients.

Concludes King invited individuals to view challenging life situations as moral opportunities. Treadmill walking exercise modulates bone mineral status and Obesity is Evaluation of a communication skills training course for medical students using peer role-play. To evaluate the effect of using peer role-playing in learning the communication skills as a step in the development of the communication skills training course delivered to pre-clinical medical students.

This study was conducted at the King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, between September and February and comprised medical students. Mixed methods design was used to evaluate the developed communication skills training course. Tests were conducted before and after the communication skills training course to assess the students' self-reported communication. After the course, the students completed a satisfaction survey.

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Focus groups were conducted to assess the behavioural and organisational changes induced by the course. SPSS 16 was used for data analysis.. Peer role-play was found to be a feasible and well-perceived alternative method in facilitating the acquisition of communication skills.. A learning skills course for the 1st year medical students: an experience at a Saudi medical school. However, many students experience frustration, failure, and psychological morbidities like stress, depression, and anxiety because they are not aware of their learning styles or do not have effective learning skills and strategies.

Although the curriculum is innovative, on the other hand, it is very demanding. Objective: The purpose of this paper is to share educational structure and evaluation results of the course on effective learning and study skills for the 1st year medical students. Methods: To prepare our students in order to cope with this demanding but promising curriculum, we conducted an effective and comprehensive learning skills course for 16 weeks in the first semester of year 1 in the medical program.

Performance of each student was assessed and the course evaluation was done by students at the end of the course. Discussion: Students overall had a positive attitude toward the learning skills course. Majority of the students showed interest in attending the sessions regularly and realized the significance of this course to improve their learning skills. Keywords: medical students, learning. Opportunity Captures 'Lion King ' Panorama.

It was obtained by the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity's panoramic camera on sols 58 and 60 using infrared nanometer , green nanometer and blue nanometer filters. This is the largest panorama obtained yet by either rover. It was taken in eight segments using six filters per segment, for a total of images and more than 75 megabytes of data. Additional lower elevation tiers were added to ensure that the entire crater was covered in the mosaic. This panorama depicts a story of exploration including the rover's lander, a thorough examination of the outcrop, a study of the soils at the near-side of the lander, a successful exit from Eagle Crater and finally the rover's next desination, the large crater dubbed 'Endurance'.

Excerpts from speeches by Dr. Topics discussed include discrimination, the South, education, nonviolent resistance, poverty, economic opportunity, and world peace. Case report. Dec 11, Authors' contributions. Libyan Journal of Medicine - Vol 8, No 1 Letter to Editor: Simple steps to avoid plagiarism and improve scientific writing A combination of plasma DAO and citrulline levels as a potential marker for A six step approach for developing computer based assessment in medical education. Assessment, which entails the systematic evaluation of student learning, is an integral part of any educational process.

Computer-based assessment CBA techniques provide a valuable resource to students seeking to evaluate their academic progress through instantaneous, personalized feedback. CBA reduces examination, grading and reviewing workloads and facilitates training. This paper describes a six step approach for developing CBA in higher education and evaluates student perceptions of computer-based summative assessment at the College of Medicine, King Abdulaziz University.

A set of questionnaires were distributed to third year medical students female and male immediately after examinations in order to assess the adequacy of the system for the exam program. The respondents expressed high satisfaction with the first Saudi experience of CBA for final examinations. Both male and female respondents reported that the range of advantages offered by CBA outweighed any disadvantages.

Further studies are required to monitor the extended employment of CBA technology for larger classes and for a variety of subjects at universities. Patterns of psychotropic medication use in inpatient and outpatient psychiatric settings in Saudi Arabia.

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A total of 1, patients were found to be suitable in the inclusion criteria of whom were inpatients while were outpatients. The present study aimed to reveal the self-efficacy and social skills and their relationship to the quality of decision-making at Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University students, and determine the extent of the contribution of self-efficacy and social skills to the quality of decision-making.

To achieve this, a questionnaire was built to identify…. His courage The ring that the King gives Cranmer is both nothing and everything: nothing in that it could be anything, any ring The study aims to evaluate the website of KFISRC published in the Internet as well as the volume of its sample users, and to determine the motivations of use. The study was conducted on the Second Semester in H.

The study has reached to the number of findings, mainly as follows:The volume of the users has reached to Radiation Protection program of king a bdulaziz university at Jeddah campus. Because of the gradual increase in the number of radiation sources on king abdulaziz university campus such that it became difficult to supervise them separately, it became necessary to establish a radiation safety program on the campus. This program covers regulations for supervising and setting safety controls for safe handing housing and operating or using the radiation sources.

Inventory of all sources on campus whether machine sources or isotope sources along with their work ares are recorded. Also all the technicians and users of these sources are identified and entered in special special forms along with the nature of the work they do with the respective radiation sources. The performance of the X-ray machines are checked with respect to their expected standard performance.

The generated radioactive wastes from the various isotope uses are collected, managed and kept in temporary storage for long lived wastes or stored till complete decay for short half life isotopes. Surveillance of all work area radiation environments as well as monitoring of radiation workers doses are done routinely.

Records of all these data are maintained and updated regularly.

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The university radiation safety committee URSC , who is responsible for the functioning of the radiation safety program, also arranges several training courses for technicians and researchers and others on the safe uses of radiation sources. Burnout and its association with extracurricular activities among medical students in Saudi Arabia. To assess levels of burnout in medical students, and to explore the influence of extracurricular activities on burnout at a medical school in Saudi Arabia. Socio-demographic, burnout level the Maslach Burnout Inventory-Student Survey, MBI-SS and participation in extracurricular activities data were collected using a self-administered questionnaire.

Statistical analyses were performed using the Pearson's chi-square test and binary logistic regression. From the medical students approached, The level of high burnout was The study revealed that the majority Most of the students High levels of burnout were reported at this medical school. Although the burnout level is not significantly associated with the frequency of involvement in extracurricular activities, leading and organizing extracurricular activities might result in lower levels of burnout.

Therefore, improving the students' leadership skills should be considered in curriculum planning, and greater emphasis should be placed on the quality of involvement in extracurricular activities rather than the quantity. Heterothermy in growing king penguins. A drop in body temperature allows significant energy savings in endotherms, but facultative heterothermy is usually restricted to small animals. Here we report that king penguin chicks Aptenodytes patagonicus , which are able to fast for up to 5 months in winter, undergo marked seasonal heterothermy during this period of general food scarcity and slow-down of growth.

The heterothermic response involves reductions in peripheral temperature, reductions in thermal core volume and temporal abandonment of high core temperature. Among climate variables, air temperature and wind speed show the strongest effect on body temperature, but their effect size depends on physiological state.

The observed heterothermy is remarkable for such a large bird 10 kg before fasting , which may account for its unrivalled fasting capacity among birds. King of the elements? Throughout the history of science, carbon-based research has played a defining role in the development of a range of fundamental and technological fields. It was used in Avagadro's definition of the mole in the early 18th century, it provides the 'backbone' of molecules in organic compounds, and in the environmental debate currently raging in the press and international government discussions, the 'carbon footprint' has become the metric of our species' impact on our planet.

Also in nanotechnology, with the discovery of various wonder materials, carbon is once again asserting its claim as king of the elements. Until the s the only known forms of carbon were diamond, graphite and amorphous carbon, as in soot or charcoal. In Robert Curl, Harold Kroto and Richard Smalley reported the existence of fullerenes, spherical structures comprising hexagonal carbon rings [1], work for which they won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in [2].

The discovery of fullerenes was followed in by Sumio Ijima with the discovery of rolled graphite sheets, the carbon nanotube [3]. The discovery of these novel carbon nanostructures inspired researchers in a range of fields, largely as a result of the extraordinary capacity for investigations of these structures to reveal ever more intriguing properties.

One of the fascinating properties attributed to carbon nanotubes is their phenomenal strength, with a Young's modulus of single walled carbon nanotubes approaching a terapascal [4]. Ingenious methods of harnessing this strength have since been developed, including bucky paper, a term used to refer to a mat of randomly self-entangled carbon nanotubes. Steven Crannford and Markus Buehler have recently reported a novel computational technique for probing the mechanical properties of these structures and show that the Young's modulus of bucky paper can be tuned by manipulation of the carbon nanotube type and density [5].

The electrical properties of carbon nanotubes, which depend. Lenke and King classification systems for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: interobserver agreement and postoperative results. Full Text Available Hojjat Hosseinpour-Feizi, Jafar Soleimanpour, Jafar Ganjpour Sales, Ali ArzroumchilarDepartment of Orthopedics, Shohada Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, IranPurpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the interobserver agreement of the Lenke and King classifications for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, and to compare the results of surgery performed based on classification of the scoliosis according to each of these classification systems.

First, a reliability assessment was undertaken to assess interobserver agreement of the Lenke and King classifications for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Second, postoperative efficacy and safety of surgery performed based on the Lenke and King classifications were compared. Kappa coefficients of agreement were calculated to assess the agreement. Outcomes were compared using bivariate tests and repeated measures analysis of variance. Results: A low to moderate interobserver agreement was observed for the King classification; the Lenke classification yielded mostly high agreement coefficients.

The outcome of surgery was not found to be substantially different between the two systems. Conclusion: Based on the results, the Lenke classification method seems advantageous. Keywords: test reliability, scoliosis classification, postoperative efficacy, adolescents. The city of the divine king. The City of the Divine King deals with urban systems and urban architecture in the river kingdoms of the Near East and the agrarian societies of the Orient. The book is part of a larger work comprising studies of the antique Greek world and the Roman Empire and the later developments of cities King , guided by the enduring King 's vision of all Americans living and working together as one beloved community.

National Memorial. This article features the newest monument, the Martin Luther King , Jr. The memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.

King 's life--democracy, justice, hope, and love. From the massive expansion of the number of acres of corn grown across the country, to the ever-increasing ways that corn is incorporated into the food production process, to the…. The King under the Car Park. In February , the University of Leicester staged what The Guardian described as "The most extraordinary press conference ever held at any UK university.

How do you manage a…. Julie Taymor's costumes and masks for the stage version of "The Lion King " were stunning in the way they combined the dual images of human and animal forms. Taymor visually incorporated the human form of a dancer into the simplified form of the animal character so both are equally visible.

This visible duality of human form and animal…. Anogeissus sericea var. Flowering Trees Volume 8 Issue 4 April pp Click here to view fulltext PDF. This article traces the response and style of John Davies of Hereford, 'an ordinary man' as he celebrated an extraordinary event, the state visit of the King of Denmark to the court of James I in It then draws comparisons to Shakespeare's meeting of kings some seven or eight years later Full Text Available The purpose of my visit to Chilean Antarctic Stations was to assess the present status of geophysical observations and research, as the South Shetland Island, West Antarctica, where the stations are located, are one of the most active tectonic regions on the Antarctic plate.

I stayed in Frei Base as a member of a geological survey group named "Tectonic Evolution of the Antarctic Peninsula" which was organized by Prof. Herve, University of Chile, from January 05 to 19, All these stations are located within walking distance of Frei Base. All stations except Escudero Base carry out meteorological observations. Earth tide is monitored at Artigas Base. Maximum amylase production was observed, when B.

To monitor the rate of digestion of potato starch by B. Feeding performance of king Mackerel, Scomberomorus cavalla. Feeding performance is an organism's ability to capture and handle prey. Although bite force is a commonly used metric of feeding performance, other factors such as bite pressure and strike speed are also likely to affect prey capture. Therefore, this study investigated static bite force, dynamic speeds, and predator and prey forces resulting from ram strikes, as well as bite pressure of the king mackerel, Scomberomorus cavalla, in order to examine their relative contributions to overall feeding performance.

Theoretical posterior bite force ranged from Ram speed, recorded with a rod and reel incorporated with a line counter and video camera, ranged from 3. Impact forces on the prey ranged from 0. Bite pressure, estimated using theoretical bite forces at three gape angles and tooth cross-sectional areas, ranged from 1. Mass-specific bite force for king mackerel is relatively low in comparison with other bony fishes and sharks, with relatively little impact force applied to the prey during the strike.

This suggests that king mackerel rely on high velocity chases and high bite pressure generated via sharp, laterally compressed teeth to maximize feeding performance. Stick balancing, falls and Dragon- Kings. The extent to which the occurrence of falls, the dominant feature of human attempts to balance a stick at their fingertip, can be predicted is examined in the context of the "Dragon- King " hypothesis.

This observation raises the possibility that the presence of departures from the power law in the large length scale region, possibly Dragon- Kings , may identify situations in which the occurrence of a fall is more imminent. However, whether or not Dragon- Kings are observed, there is a Weibull-type survival function for stick falling. The possibility that increased risk of falling can, at least to some extent, be predicted from fluctuations in the controlled variable before the event occurs has important implications for the development of preventative strategies for the management of phenomena ranging from earthquakes to epileptic seizures to falls in the elderly.

Shakespeare wrote King John c. I suggest that the play alerts Elizabethans not just to military and political threats, but to a changing cosmic world view, all especially threatening as they arise in Catholic countries. John personifies the old order, while Arthur and the Dauphin's armies personify the new.

I suggest that Shakespeare decenters King John just as Copernicus decentered the world. This hitherto unexplained anomaly suggests that the old order fears what the new might see. This circumstance has not been questioned heretofore. I suggest that the Messenger is like the wily Hermes Mercury , chief communicator of the gods and patron of the sciences; by revealing that he moves in the highest circles, he tells John that he speaks with an authority that transcends even that of a king. The message from on high presages more than political change; it warns of a new cosmic and religious world order d Most agree that John is a weak king , so Shakespeare must have suspected flaws in the old ways.

He would have known that Tycho Brahe's new star of , the comet of , and the model of his compatriot Thomas Digges, were shattering old ideas. Characterization of the complete mitochondrial genome of the king pigeon Columba livia breed king. The king pigeon is a breed of pigeon developed over many years of selective breeding primarily as a utility breed. In the present work, we report the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of king pigeon for the first time. The arrangement of all genes was identical to the typical mitochondrial genomes of pigeon.

The complete mitochondrial genome sequence of king pigeon would serve as an important data set of the germplasm resources for further study. The present paper depicts alterations undergone by the sleeping king motif sebastianism in the writings of Fernando Pessoa. The data to conduct the study were collected in thematic anthologies and several unpublished pieces. The myth of the King Sebastian was given a congregational dimension by Pessoa, thus conveying his cultural and identity project subsumed under the metaphor of the spiritual empire. Pessoa introduces some readjustments in the way the historical king is to be conceived of To quantify the number of cases and clinical courses of Acanthamoeba keratitis treated at the King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital KKESH between December and May , and to review their clinical course and response to medical and surgical therapy.

Retrospective review of medical records of all patients with Acanthamoeba keratitis diagnosed by the KKESH Microbiology or Pathology or Pathology Laboratory since the opening of the hospital. During a period of over 22 years, only six cases of confirmed. In two cases the diagnosis was made by corneal biopsy, while four cases required examination of a histopathology specimen obtained at the time of therapeutic keratoplasty to establish the diagnosis. One eye was cured by medical therapy, while five eyes required one 4eyes or two 1 eye therapeutic penetrating keratoplasty PKP to achieve a clinical cure.

The incidence of Acanthamoeba keratitis may be less in Saudi Arabia than reported in Western countries although the clinical is similarly complicated, with most cases requiring therapeutic keratoplasty for definitive education of the organism. This article correlates Brangman's memories with published accounts of the event. It also places the event within the context of the modern civil rights movement that Dr King led. Extreme intrafamilial variability of Saudi brothers with primary hyperoxaluria type 1.

It is caused by autosomal recessive deficiency of alanine:glyoxylate aminotransferase due to a defect in AGXT gene. Case report: Two brothers one 6 months old; the other 2 years old presented with acute renal failure and urinary tract infection respectively. PH1 was confirmed by high urinary oxalate level, demonstration of oxalate crystals in bone biopsy, and pathogenic homozygous known AGXT gene mutation. Despite the same genetic background, same sex, and shared environment, the outcome of the two siblings differs widely.

While one of them died earlier with end-stage renal disease and multiorgan failure caused by systemic oxalosis, the older brother is pyridoxine responsive with normal development and renal function. Conclusion: Clinicians should be aware of extreme intrafamilial variability of PH1 and international registries are needed to characterize the genotype-phenotype correlation in such disorder. Keywords: primary hyperoxaluria, oxalosis, PH1, intrafamilial variability. In addition to the structure and date of the palisade, the article will present the tentative results from a series of analyses regarding the construction, composition, function and demolition The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of perceived abuse among medical students, the types of abuse experienced during medical training, the source of abuse, and the perceived barriers to reporting abuse.

Method: This cross-sectional survey was conducted between September and January among medical graduates of King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah. The survey questionnaire was designed to gather information regarding the frequency with which participants perceived themselves to have experienced abuse, the type of abuse, the source of abuse, and the reasons for nonreporting of perceived abuse. Data were analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences.

Result: Of the students enrolled in this study, Perceived abuse was most often verbal Professors were most often cited as the sources of perceived abuse, followed by associate professors, demonstrators or assistant teaching staff, and assistant professors. The Internal Medicine Department was the most frequently cited department where students perceived themselves to have experienced abuse. Only Conclusion: The self-reported prevalence of medical student abuse at King Abdul Aziz University is high.

A proper system for reporting abuse and for supporting victims of abuse should be set up, to promote a good learning environment. Keywords: maltreatment. King customer forever: Customer satisfaction and beyond. Full Text Available " King Customer! At about the same time, "Rediscovering the Customer" was the title of a series of company vignettes in Fortune magazine. Had the "Era of the Customer" finally arrived in American business? Blindness and Insight in King Lear.